IGCSE Chemistry 0971/11/M/J/21 Q38


38 P, Q, R and S are four organic compounds.

P is an unsaturated hydrocarbon.
Q burns but otherwise is unreactive.
R contains a C–C single bond and a C=C double bond.
S undergoes addition polymerisation.

Which compounds are alkenes?
A P and R only   B P, R and S   C P, Q and S   D Q, R and S

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    Unsaturated hydrocarbon is alkene, P is alkene, as it has carbon-carbon double bond.

    Q undergoes combustion but otherwise unreactive, Q could be alkane (but not alkene).

    Alkene contains single bonds and double bonds in between carbon atoms, R is alkene.

    S undergoes addition polymerisation, S is alkene (could be ethene –> poly(ethene))

    Ans: B


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