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3 . Diagram 3 shows cell P and cell Q undergo two different types of cell division.

Rajah 3 menunjukkan sel P dan sel Q mengalami dua jenis pembahagian sel yang berlainan.

(a) Complete Table 3 by filling in the following aspects of cell P and cell Q.

Lengkapkan Jadual 3 dengan mengisi aspek-aspek berikut bagi sel P dan sel Q.

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(b) A female has sex chromosome of 44+XO. This genetic disorder is due to the failure of sex chromosomes to separate completely during meiosis.

Seorang perempuan mempunyai kromosom seks 44+XO. Kecacatan genetic ini disebabkan oleh kegagalan kromosom seks berpisah dengan lengkap semasa meiosis.

(i) State the number of chromosome in this female.

Nyatakan bilangan kromosom bagi perempuan ini.

(ii) Name this genetic disorder.

Namakan kecacatan genetic ini.

(iii) Give on characteristic of this genetic disorder.

Berikan satu ciri kecacatan genetik ini.


(c)(i) State one factor that causes the genetic disorder in 3(b)(ii).

Nyatakan satu factor yang menyebabkan kecacatan genetik pada 3(b)(ii).

(ii) Explain how the factor stated in 3(c)(i) causes the genetic disorder.

Terangkan bagaimana factor yang dinyatakan dalam 3(c)(i) menyebabkan kecactan genetik itu.

Cher Questions Solution Bank Rumusan Jawapan SPM & IGCSE Questions Answers Solution

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    -metaphase I

    -homologous chromosomes lined up at metaphase plate.





    -Chromosomes lined up at metaphase plate.



    ii)Turner’s syndrome



    c)i)Spindle fibres may not have properly attached to the centromeres of homologous sex chromosomes causing issues during separation.

    ii)During anaphase I, after cell division, one cell had all the sex chromosomes, while the other cell didn’t have any sex chromosomes.

    Thus, when a normal gamete with X sex chromosome combines with the abnormal gamete O (no sex chromosome), this causes the genetic disorder XO.

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