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9 . The following information is about eating habits of individuals U and W.

Maklumat berikut ialah berkaitan tabiat makan bagi individu U dan individu W.

(a) Explain how the eating habits affect the health of:

Terangkan bagaimana tabiat makan itu mempengaruhi kesihatan:

(i) individual U

Individu U

(ii) individual W

Individu W

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(b) Diagram 9 shows a set of nasi lemak. A girl consumes a set of nasi lemak daily as breakfast for a long period of time. Discuss the good and the bad effects of the diet to her health.

Rajah 9 menunjukkan satu set nasi lemak. Seorang kanak-kanak perempuan mengambil satu set nasi lemak sebagai sarapan setiap hari dalam jangka masa yang panjang. Bincangkan kesan baik dan kesan buruk diet itu terhadap kesihatannya.

Cher Questions Solution Bank Rumusan Jawapan SPM & IGCSE Questions Answers Solution

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    9.a)i) Individual U 

    -If an individual does not take meals at a regular time and has an empty stomach frequently, they may develop gastritis.

    -The lining of the stomach is protected by a mucus layer.

    -However, when an individual is hungry the stomach secretes gastric juice which contains hydrochloric acid.

    -If there’s no food to digest, the acidic gastric juice will slowly corrode the epithelial lining of the stomach wall.

    -This causes inflammation of the stomach and a breach in the stomach wall might create a gastric ulcer.


    ii)Individual W

    -This individual suffers from bulimia.

    -Vomiting causes a release of contents from the stomach.

    -Stomach acid corrodes the throat, damages the digestive tract and the individual could lose their teeth.

    -This individual may also experience malnutrition and have irregular periods due to hormonal imbalance.


    b) Good effects:

    -As a growing child, consuming protein and carbohydrates is essential.

    -Carbohydrates, the rice would be an important source of energy, for the girl to carry out her daily activities.

    -Proteins, the chicken and egg is important for growth of the child.

    Bad effects:

    -However, there is a lot of fried food. High fat and cholesterol food could lead to cardiovascular health problems.

    -Plaque starts to develop within the internal lining of the arteries and this may cause high blood pressure.

    -Also by consuming nasi lemak daily, her body would just end up accumulating protein, carbohydrate, and fats.

    -Too much carbohydrates would cause her to develop diabetes as her glucose levels will start to rise.

    -Too much protein increases the concentration of uric acid. Uric acid once crystallized may develop into kidney stones and give her kidney problems.

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