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9 . (a) Diagram 9 shows a location of a popular eco-tourism in Malaysia. Discuss the effects of the eco-tourism to the community and environment in that area.

Rajah 9 menunjukkan suatu lokasi eko-pelancongan yang popular di Malaysia. Bincangkan kesan aktiviti eko-pelancongan terhadap komuniti dan alam sekitar di Kawasan itu.

Cher Questions Solution Bank Rumusan Jawapan SPM & IGCSE Questions Answers Solution

(b) The following statement is given by an environmentalist. Based on the statement, suggest how 3R Programme; Reduce, Reuse and Recycle of resources can be practiced to create a green environment in your school.

Berikut adalah penyataan yang diberikan oleh pencinta alam sekitar. Berdasarkan penyataan di atas, cadangkan bagaimana Program 3R; Mengurangkan, Menggunakan semula dan Mengitar semula sumber-sumber boleh diamalkan untu mewujudkan suate persekitaran hijau do sekolah anda

Cher Questions Solution Bank Rumusan Jawapan SPM & IGCSE Questions Answers Solution

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    9. a) Community

    -Eco-tourism helps to preserve our heritage and transitions.

    -Increases the economy of the community.

    -As a tourist destination, it also increases job opportunities for the locals.

    -With a higher economic income, this helps to improve the living standards of the area.

    -The community gets better public facilities. The government would improve the public facilities of the area to attract more tourist.

    -Building of hotels and motels might cause relocation of locals. Their houses might be cleared to make way for these new buildings.



    -Conservation of flora and fauna helps protect the environment and endangered species.

    -Natural habitats of species are protected.

    -With more activities, it would lead to an increase in pollution.

    -Tourist water activities may lead to water pollution.


    b) Reduce

    -Reduce the usage of plastic straws and plastic cutlery.

    -Instead the school can opt to use metal straws and cutlery. These and be washed and used over and over again.

    -Reduce the usage of electricity. Before leaving the class rooms for lunch time, students should turn off all the fans and lights.

    -Save and minimize water wastage. Turn off faucets when not in use.

    -Reduce the purchase of mineral water in plastic bottles. Students should use water bottles instead.


    -Plastic bottles can be reused as flower pots.

    -Write on both sides of a paper to reduce the need for purchasing new notebooks.


    -Recycling paper and soft drink aluminium cans.

    -Set up recycling bins in school to practice this.

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